Tourism for conservation
alternative and development lever for local communities

Since the foundation stone was laid in 2007 in Anjozorobe where our journey began, our establishments have always had the vocation of promoting sustainable tourism as an economic alternative and lever for the development of local communities.
Their involvement in conservation actions is essential for lasting results. The inclusion and participatory approach that we advocate aims to build capacity at the local level. Nearly 1,000 members make up our Tourism federation, the majority of whom are women dedicated to providing an original experience to each of our guests.

‘’It All Started With The Vision Of
Making Responsible Investments For
Biodiversity Conservation In

Located in the protected areas managed by Fanamby, our eco-lodges aim to find the best balance between the needs and aspirations of the communities, and the sustainable conservation of biodiversity.

Our lodges are Fair
Trade Tourism

  • Better visibility of the protected areas where the eco-lodges are located
  • Increased awareness about the protection of endangered species
  • An alternative source of income allowing the improvement of the living conditions of local communities through the creation of direct and indirect jobs
  • Reduced pressure on forests, as local communities jealously protect their treasure

Akiba Lodge

Akiba Lodge Anjahakely is located in the Andrafiamena Andavakoera Protected Area (74,606 ha) in the DIANA region, north of Madagascar. It is one of the richest regions in terms of biodiversity in the island.

The landscape varies from mountain ranges of sandstone and limestone to humid, dry and transitional forests, filled with various endemic species, in particular the famous black lemur Propithecus perrieri.

Designated Best Wider World Tourism Project 2019 by the British Guild of Travel

Akiba Lodge

Akiba Lodge Anjozorobe is nestled in the Anjozorobe Angavo forest corridor (41,100 ha). It is one of the last remaining natural forests in the central highlands of Madagascar.
This area is at the eastern limit of the central highlands and is home to a rich biodiversity.
The Indri-Indri, the largest of the lemurs living in Madagascar, lives in this area. You can also find orchids and several species of plants endemic to Madagascar.

Akiba Lodge

Akiba Lodge Marofandilia is at the heart of the Menabe Antimena Protected Area where dry forests, mangroves, lakes, and other ecological habitats coexist on an area of 209,461 ha.
In addition to the impressive Baobab alley located on the way to the camp, you will be able to see the black striped mongoose, the giant jumping rat,
the flat-tailed turtle or the Microcèbe of Mme Berthe (the smallest lemur in Madagascar). The main attraction of the camp is unequivocally the Baobab Lover which is located right in front of the restaurant.

Akiba Lodge

Akiba Lodge Daraina is located 7 km from the village of Daraina, in the protected area of 

Loky Manambato (250,000 ha), in the northeast of Madagascar. On your way to the camp, you will notice the main activity of the region: “gold mining”.

Directly on the camp, you will discover the other “gold” of Daraina, the famous gold-crowned lemur or Tattersalli sifaka, and the largest nocturnal lemur Aye Aye.