Valuing the lives and activities of local communities.

About Us

Supporting and strengthening of local communities.

Sahanala was created in 2010 by Fanamby, a non-profit association managing 4 Category V protected areas, and a natural monuments in Madagascar. The main objective is to support and strengthen the capacities of local communities by professionalizing them and integrating them into a federation strong enough to face international markets, and support conservation activities like biodiversity in their regions.

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About Us

Inclusive approach for sustainable impacts.









We give farmers the opportunity to participate actively in the development of their locality, and in the protection of their environment. By providing them with a more stable income, and by teaching them good practices such as organic farming and respect for the environment, we are helping to improve the lives of local communities in a sustainable manner. We support them technically, materially, and socially.

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Our Products

4 Types of products to transform our communities.

Our objective is to enhance the activities of farmers by providing them with the necessary elements for responsible farming, and thus obtaining quality products.

Tourism for conservation

Tourism for conservation: Alternative and development lever for local communities.

Since the foundation stone was laid in 2007 in Anjozorobe where our journey began, our establishments have always had the vocation of promoting sustainable tourism as an economic alternative and lever for the development of local communities. Their involvement in conservation actions is essential for lasting results. The inclusion and participatory approach that we advocate aims to build capacity at the local level. Nearly 1.000 members make up our Tourism federation, the majority of whom are women dedicated to providing an original experience to each of our guests.

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News and updates.

Featured stories across the Sahanala family of collaborators, funds, communities and programs.

Madagascar vanilla experiences by PIERRE MARCOLINI

And narrated by Joanne Shurvell and Sophie Lagesse Last March, the award-winning Belgian pâtissier/chocolatier Pierre Marcolini and a small crew [...]

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SAHANALA stands up for producers

The General Assembly of the Sahanala Vanilla Federation held in Ambanja from 18 to 20 April 2023 is of particular [...]

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Partnership: COLEACP and Sahanala working together for sustainable and inclusive agriculture

"Having technical partners who understand and respond to these needs is precisely what is needed."Through its Fit For Market program, [...]

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Traceability: an essential system for agro-industrial products.

Traceability has become essential to guarantee the quality and safety of products. In Madagascar, the vanilla industry is gradually moving [...]

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