Water and education for all: a standpipe and a classroom in Ankalotany.

As part of the SOLSO project, carried out in partnership with L’Oréal and MANE, Sahanala has provided the village of Ankalotany with 2 standpipes and two classrooms. The aim of the SOLSO project is to establish a sustainable supply chain for natural vanilla, while preserving natural ecosystems and improving living conditions for producer communities in Loky Manambato.

In the heart of the Anjiabe fokontany, Commune Nosibe, in the Vohemar district of the SAVA region, the installation of standpipes marks a major turning point for over 250 households, providing access to drinking water. Previously limited to just 28% of the population, the village of Ankalotany now sees its entire population benefit.  

Instead of being kilometers away, the standpipes are now in the middle of the village, so that residents don’t have to walk for miles to get to them. The water has been treated in a laboratory, guaranteeing the health of the beneficiaries. This approach was praised by the SAVA region’s Water and Sanitation Department, underlining the development of partnerships through the 3P (Public-Private Partnership) model.

This partnership also extends to the education sector.  Two new classrooms have been built, improving learning conditions for the village’s children. At the inauguration, the Sahanala delegation, led by the Chairman of the Board, accompanied by the Vice-Chairman and other members, donated 300 educational books for the primary school classes.

These actions are in line with Sahanala’s contribution to the sustainable development goals of promoting access to drinking water and quality education.