Madagascar Vanilla Takes Center Stage in Armani’s Latest Fragrance

Armani’s new fragrance, “Si Intense,” proudly showcases Madagascar bourbon vanilla, a testament to the brand’s exploration of the northern regions of Madagascar in collaboration with Sahanala’s member associations.

The vanilla used in this exquisite fragrance undergoes a meticulous process orchestrated by Sahanala’s skilled member producers. From the delicate hand-pollination of the flowers to the artisanal processing of the beans, these producers employ a unique skill set, resulting in vanilla of unparalleled quality.

Throughout this process, producers are assisted by Fanamby, a local NGO responsible for the economic and sustainable development of small farmers. Engaged in L’Oréal’s Solidarity Sourcing program, Malagasy producers ensure sustainable practices that both honor ecosystems and enhance the living conditions of local communities.

The commitment to traceability, rigorous quality control, and the meticulous hand-tattooing of each pod all contribute to the preservation of Madagascar’s natural wealth. “Si Intense” is not just a fragrance; it is an olfactory and ethical masterpiece, embodying Armani’s dedication to excellence, sustainability, and profound respect for local communities.