We’re mobilizing against Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is upsetting our lives, and our activities. At Sahanala, we had to make decisions to manage the situation as best as possible, and to limit the damage, with the main objective of protecting our producers and colleagues.

The office in Antananarivo closed for teleworking

Before the confinement measure was announced by the Malagasy government, we had already taken the necessary steps to prepare the switch of the Antananarivo office to the telework system. Despite the office closure, activities continue as usual, and order processing continues. Our production units in other regions such as Mangamila, Antsohihy and Vohémar ensure products preparation. Nevertheless, the precautions to be taken according to the recommendations of the WHO are always respected on all of our sites (systematic temperature taking at the entrance, social distancing, wearing a mask, use of hydroalcoholic gels, etc.).

Communication and awarenes

We send daily text messages to all of our employees and producers to remind them of the barrier actions against covid-19 and the symptoms to watch for. We are also communicating about the the measures to take if their state of health becomes worrying. In addition, we have also distributed posters at several fokontany in our intervention areas, and an internal communication platform has been set up to facilitate exchanges with colleagues.

Medical care

Added to our nineteen (19) paramedics and our chief doctor, we also work with six (6) private doctors and fourteen (14) basic health centers (CSB) at all the sites where we are present. Medical materials (PPE, emergency materials, etc.) and drugs are distributed to them, in line with the standard treatment protocol of the Ministry of Public Health.

Strategic stocks of materials and medicines in our regions are put in place to support producers and employees, and the necessary resources are made available to our medical teams.

At the CSB, our producers are prioritized for consultations, and their treatment is completely free.

Our paramedics in Farahalana commune, Vohémar district