Grant of rice to cope with the lean season

130 tonnes of rice will be distributed for the benefit of 15,700 people from 3 regions where the Sahanala – ADM joint venture called SAVAN operates. These are the SAVA, Analanjirofo, and Vatovavy Fitovinany regions. The objective of this operation, which is renewed every year, is to support producers and local communities during the lean season. We also want to encourage them in their activity.

This year, the grant arrived in the middle of the Covid-19 health crisis. This support was awaited by producers, strongly impacted by the effects of this crisis. We are committed to being by their side to assure them of our support, even in difficult times.

The local authorities, present during this distribution ceremony, salute the efforts made by SAVAN for the well-being of producers and their families. “Not only are producers supported during this difficult period, but they will also have the opportunity to serenely celebrate National Day in the coming days. We can say that this subsidy is timely. ”, rejoices SERAMILA Teddy Gervais, Director of Infrastructure and Development in the SAVA region.