Bonuses to contribute to the development of producers’ localities

Each year, the profits generated by the sales of our products are redistributed to associations on several levels. Part is donated to federations to allow them to develop and innovate, another is distributed to associations, and the last part goes to each member, depending on the quantity and quality of the products they have provided, this in addition to the amount paid to him for the purchase of these products. The distributions are respectively 10, 40 and 50% at these different scales of the chain.

The distribution of bonuses for the 2019 vanilla campaign was carried out from June 22 to 25, 2020. Nearly 4,000 vanilla producers from the SAVA, DIANA, SOFIA, and Vatovavy Fitovinany regions benefited from this operation, Depending on their deliveries, in a spirit of solidarity, respecting the values of community life.

This bonus system is a guarantee of the transparency of our activities, and reassures producers of our social and fair approach. It also strengthens the members’ sense of belonging, and encourages them to always supply quality and quantity products.

Through this approach, producers can really make a living from their activity, without being exploited by collectors and the various players in the sector, who take advantage of their weaknesses to buy their crops at a ridiculous price. We educate them in particular in the financial field, so that they can manage their income reasonably, open up to banking, and think about the diversification of activities.



On the other hand, this system allows development on a larger scale, that of local communities or of a region, through profits transferred for investments in localities, at the request of producers. These impacts are mainly social (rehabilitation or construction of schools, water supply, etc.) and environmental. Added to several other commitments and initiatives such as affiliation to social security, or to the applied synthetic tax system, producers benefit from strong and real impacts for the improvement of their living conditions.